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Dumbbell Workout
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Pilates Workout
Dumbbell Workout

Dumbbell Workout

This app delivers world-class workouts from home with just a few sets of dumbbells (5-30 lbs).

Dumbbell Workout


15,000+ Reviews



Home Workout

This app offers top-tier fitness routines from home, no equipment needed.
Home Workout


5,000+ Reviews



Pilates Workout

This app is a master class in Pilates and booty-toning routines, all from home without any equipment.

Pilates Workout


2,000+ Reviews



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Dumbbell Workout 3
Dumbbell Workout 4

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Home Workout 1
Home Workout 2
Home Workout 3
Home Workout 4

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Ryan S.

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Absolutely worth every penny! My muscles have been truly challenged by these workouts. The best part? No equipment needed and yet the results are outstanding. Loving the simplicity and effectiveness.

Pilates Workout App Screenshots

Pilates 1
Pilates 2
Pilates 3
Pilates 4

Real People, Real Results

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4.6 ⭐ 2,000+ Reviews

Tiffany M.

As a busy mom who barely has any me time, LifeBuddy is a dream because it fits wellness into my schedule like no gym ever could

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